Backup & Disaster Recovery

Recovery time can make or break your business

Would you be able to run the show if a power failure hit your organization or your network crashed? To ensure your employees stay productive and your business data remains protected, you need a dependable backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Don’t let your business become another statistic when disaster strikes. Hyperion Managed Services’s Backup & Disaster Recovery service ensures your critical data is ready at a moment’s notice and you are able to go back to business in minutes, not days.

“Experience peace of mind even when the worst does happen. ”

Hyperion Managed Services’s Backup & Disaster Recovery service means:

  • We back up your data to the cloud and monitor it 24/7 to ensure complete security.
  • Full server backups allow us to restore your entire server in just a matter of minutes.
  • We regularly test our data restoration procedures to ensure backups are done seamlessly.
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