Managed Services

Enterprise-level network speed and stability for a predictable monthly fee

If you want to make running your business easier, choose Worry-Free Managed IT Services from Hyperion Managed Services. Our qualified team offers expert technical support to keep you up and running, and operating at peak performance day-and-night.

But why should you choose to outsource your IT to us? Unlike a traditional break/fix service model, Managed Services look after your technology proactively, instead of reactively. This means that you have a team of experts monitoring your systems round the clock, 365 days a year. If we spot problems, we will address them immediately before it causes any major issue. That way, we can prevent downtime, data loss, and security breaches.

Enjoy having more time and resources, so you can concentrate on your actual business. Outsource your IT today!

How Worry-Free Managed IT Services from Hyperion Managed Services can help you:

  • Eliminate costly repairs - proactive monitoring and maintenance of your systems means you don’t need to spend money on rectifying big disasters after they’ve happened
  • Say goodbye downtime, hello improved performance - when we’re looking after your systems in real time, you’ll experience fewer problems and virtually no downtime
  • Enjoy your very own IT department - without the high costs associated with hiring, training, and employing staff
  • Gain rapid remote support - remote access allows us to repair most issues without any onsite disruption
  • Get a predictable flat monthly fee - plan your IT budget with a far higher degree of accuracy
  • Sleep easier at night - you have enough to worry about which is why you should let us take the weight of IT and network hassles off your shoulders
  • Benefit from enhanced security - we’ll help you design a backup disaster and recovery plan so you can maintain operations no matter what comes your way
  • Point you in the right direction - our consultants can help you implement the right strategies, as well as coordinate with vendors for you
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