VoIP Phone Service

Enhanced telecommunications at reduced costs

Are you still making business calls through a traditional landline? And aren’t the expensive and unpredictable phone bills quite a drag on your bottom line? Because Hyperion Managed Services understands that a comprehensive, cost-effective phone system will help improve your collaboration and bottom line, we offer a feature-rich VoIP Phone Service.

Hyperion Managed Services’s VoIP Phone Service makes it much easier for you to communicate internally and externally from any device with internet access, with helpful features, including automatic call distribution, call detail tracking, video conferencing, inter-office connectivity, and so much more.

Enjoy the benefits of a modern communications solution, tailored to suit your company’s needs

Hyperion Managed Services’s VoIP also gives you:

  • Scalability – easily add new users to the software-based telecom
  • Convenience – connect to calls, voicemails, and web conferences from anywhere, on any device
  • Predictability – pay a flat monthly fee and rest assured that your VoIP software always works
  • Efficiency – manage emails, faxes, and virtual meetings from your VoIP phone system
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