How to pick the right EMR system for your practice

Electronic medical records (EMRs) allow healthcare providers to keep patients’ health records in digital format, eliminating the need for paper charts and ensuring that clients get accurate attention promptly. When selecting an EMR system for your healthcare practice, keep these key factors in mind.

List down your requirements

Before evaluating your EMR system options, make a list of features vital to your practice. Starting from patient admission, think about how each step in the process can be improved with an EMR system like patient scheduling, medication lists, and visual reports. This will help you identify which solution is best suited for your practice.

Compare prices

When choosing an EMR system, make sure to review the total cost of ownership, including the initial cost, maintenance, customer assistance, and training expenses. You should also consider whether the EMR system is subscription-based or license-based. Subscription-based systems come with a monthly or yearly fee that covers the usage of the software, while license-based systems require an initial one-time payment for full ownership.

Remember, some vendors might try to persuade you to buy features that aren’t beneficial to your needs, so be sure to ask for a complete breakdown of all system-related costs before making a purchase.

Choose an EMR system that matches your specialization

Your EMR system should have features tailored to meet the needs of your specialization. For example, midwifery practices require a unique EMR platform that can record all necessary details about newborns.

Choose only certified EMR systems

When looking for the ideal EMR system, consider those that are tested, rated, and certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. According to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, certified systems are eligible for federal EHR incentive payments, provided they fulfill all “meaningful use” requirements.

Check client reviews

Before deciding on an EMR system, check user reviews. These will provide valuable insight into the system’s effectiveness and usability. You can also talk to other physicians and staff members about their experience using the system, and ask them about any issues they may have encountered.

Online review and rating sites can also be invaluable when determining the perfect EMR system for your practice.

If you’re still uncertain which EMR system is the perfect fit for your business, our expert team can lend a hand. Call us now.

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